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If I am lucky enough to be a part of your wedding day with camera in hand I get to know quite a bit about you, your story, your family; what you love and what makes you laugh. It is a wonderful experience, documenting the events of your day as they unfold and absorbing all of this information about your lives… I love making that connection with people where by the end of the night we hug goodbye and it strangely feels like I am saying farewell to a friend. Making those connections begins RIGHT NOW – with you getting to know a bit about me, my family and what I am about.

They say time flies when your having fun… I blinked and four years passed. I met Kate, fell in love with Kate, moved in together, adopted our first two children Gus & Maggie (pictured bottom), travelled Australia all together, had our beautiful boy Ted in Kununurra, drove home, started a business and asked Kate to marry me. I am a firm believer in allowing life to take it’s course and enjoying every moment of the journey as we never really arrive at any destination. Maybe it’s the Visual Arts degree in me talking or just staring at my daily inspiration calendar too long but I do love some philosophical moments in between all the photography. I just cannot picture any other way than with Kate and it’s her encouragement of my passion and creativity that I am writing this now and doing what I love to do.

So this is us – a year to to the day Ted was born celebrating with a picnic in the National Park in Belair. My portrait just happened to be the last frame on a roll of film and although Kate thinks the thumb print, piece of tape and 1/10th of the frame missing is her lack of photographic skill – I think that it’s just the way it happened that day. I actually love it and distracts a little from my cheesy grin.

I love that these photos mean so much to me now and I can only imagine how special they will be in years to come. That is really what I strive for in my work – a series of beautiful moments telling the story of your day, perhaps the best day of your life that to you and your children and their children will be a priceless record of how the day unfolded in all the moments and the details. In that sentiment lies at the heart of what I love to do.

I would love to hear your story, say hi through the ‘contact’ link or send me an email at: evanbaileyphotography@gmail.com

or better yet, lets meet for coffee and we can chat about your wedding day and all other worldly things.




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